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World Cup quarterfinals were born Morocco became the biggest dark horse!

Early this morning, Beijing time, after 120 minutes of regular time and a penalty shootout, Morocco eliminated Spain with a total score of 3:0, becoming the biggest dark horse of this World Cup!
In another game, Portugal unexpectedly beat Switzerland 6-1, and Gonzalo Ramos staged the first "hat trick" of this cup ".

So far, the World Cup quarterfinals are all born! Surprisingly, Morocco has become the blackest dark horse.

Following the World Cup in Russia four years ago, the Spanish team once again fell in front of the penalty spot.

They have free possession time, but they lack the rhythm change and the ability to end the game.

There are many talents in the Spanish team, such as the 18-year-old Garvey, who is the youngest starter in the World Cup knockout round since the "king" Pele in 1958

But because of its youth, this team still needs time to settle down. Spain and Germany both insist on passing and controlling style,

but now it seems that they do need more capable strikers to turn the advantage into victory.

On the last day of the round of 16, pure Morocco joined hands with wild Portugal to advance to the top 8! 

Now, there are only 8 games left in the World Cup. After the excitement and noise at the beginning of the competition,
the current World Cup is the real world's highest level of green decisive battle!

Take a look at the next games: Britain and France, Argentina PK Holland, 5-star Brazil decisive battle last runner-up,

5 shield army against big dark horse. Which one is not heart-to-heart?

Perhaps it can be said that the real World Cup started from now on!


Post time: Dec-08-2022