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How to find a strong supplier ?

Actually it is nearly impossoble to find strong suppliers for small businesses . This is harsh , but it is the reality . The premise for any cooperation is that 2 parties are equally strong right ?

So generally , Big Factories work with Big Sellers , Small Factories work with Small Sellers . if you do not have tens of thousands of orders . Big factories generally won’t serve you very well . So am I saying that the small sellers should give up?

Of course not ! Now the best bet for small sellers is to pick a reliable small factory , And grow with it . Don’t get it wrong And think that the quality and service of those small factories  must be poor .

in fact , Not Necessarily , You know Shein ? Shein’s clothing are from thousands of small factories in Guangzhou . those factories that has less than 50 employees . But their quality and service is quite okay .

The key is You’ve got to find The Right People , The Right Team . if the team in this factory is very  Reliable

Careful High Standard Craftmanship Then they product, their service must be good enough . They might be small now But they will become big factories in the future We Select Them And We Grow With Them .

In the fucture , You become a big seller . He becomes a big factory . That’s the deal.

Post time: Sep-23-2022